COVID-19 Practice Update

In the light of the current concern regarding COVID-19, we wish to inform you of the precautions that we are taking in the practice to prevent potential transmission of the disease.

It is already our routine protocol to sterilise all instrumentation used on patients by autoclaving and disinfecting everything that comes into contact with patients that is not disposable. In addition, all surfaces, handles, basins, etc. within the operating area are disinfected after every patient.

We have for a long time had hand disinfectant dispensers outside our bathrooms and we are in the process of installing more at the entrance to the practice and in our kitchen and sterilising room. Please make use of these dispensers when you arrive at or leave the practice.

We wish to assure you that we are satisfied that within our controlled environment we are taking adequate measures to ensure a high level of infection control. We trust that you will feel confident that this is the case. We are certainly all happy to come to work.

We must, however, ask our patients to exercise caution too. We would appreciate it if you have travelled from a high risk area within the last two weeks, have flu-like symptoms or a fever that you rather postpone your appointment. If you have pain or some other dental emergency, appropriate arrangements will be made.

Thank you for your co-operation. We wish you well. Keep safe and healthy and, above all, don’t panic.


Smileline Cosmetic Dental Studio

Dr Paul Bodenstein, Dr Suné Bosman, Dr Deks Dekenah, Dr Danielle Prinsloo, and all the staff at Smileline